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‘We are damned fools’: scientist who sounded climate alarm in 80s warns of worse to come – The Guardian, Jul. 2023

To stop climate change, regulate carbon as a toxic substance – Washington Post, Jun. 2022

Greenhouse gases must be legally phased out, US scientists argue – The Guardian, Jun. 2022

A carbon tax is key to addressing the climate crisis — and carbon dividends could get Congress to support one – Boston Globe, Sep. 2021

Biden should impose a carbon fee immediately – Boston Globe, Jun. 2021

Top climate scientist warns PM over 'contemptuous' Cumbria coalmine plan – The Guardian, Feb. 2021

A socially and environmentally just way to fight climate change – The Hill, Sep. 2020

Opinion: California’s clear-cutting project in the Rim fire area is setting up the region for another tragedy – Los Angeles Times, Oct. 2019

Is it our constitutional right to live in a world safe from climate change? – Los Angeles Times, Jun. 2019

‘Investeren in fossiele energie is roekeloos’ (Interview)— NRC Handelsblad, Apr. 2019 (English version available here)

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change – New York Times, Aug. 2018

James Hansen wishes he wasn't so right about global warming – Associated Press, Jun. 2018

Ex-Nasa scientist: 30 years on, world is failing 'miserably' to address climate change – The Guardian, Jun. 2018

Judgment on Hansen's '88 climate testimony: 'He was right' – Yale Climate Connections, Jun. 2018

A Prophet of Doom Was Right About the Climate – New York Times, Jun. 2018

Thirty years later, what needs to change in our approach to climate change – Boston Globe, Jun. 2018

'We should be on the offensive' – James Hansen calls for wave of climate lawsuits – The Guardian, Nov. 2017

Fight Climate Change by Suing Polluters, Says Scientist- National Geographic, Nov. 2017

"I'm afraid and angry", says 18-year-old leading climate legal fight – Reuters, Nov. 2017

Can direct democracy offer a third way to meet the climate challenge? – The Guardian, Nov. 2017

Shut It Down - Climate Direct Action – live interview, October 2017

OK, US GOVT See you in Court – Boston Globe, August 2017

Ex-NASA Scientist James Hansen: There is a Clear Link Between Climate Change & Stronger Hurricanes – Democracy Now, August 2017

James Hansen Hails Landmark Youth Climate Lawsuit: We Can’t Rely on Our Politicians to Do Anything – Democracy Now, August 2017

Climate change will force today’s kids to pay for costly carbon removal technologies, study says – Washington Post, July 2017

The Planet Could Become Ungovernable’: Climate Scientist James Hansen on Obama’s Environmental Record, Scientific Reticence, and His Climate Lawsuit Against the Federal Government – NY Mag, July 2017

Former NASA scientist releases new paper supporting youth climate case against Trump – Think Progress, July 2017

It’s Not Your Imagination.Summers Are Getting Hotter. – New York Times – July 2017

Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard children's future, Science Daily, July 2017

OPED: Why I sued the federal government, York Dispatch –  July 2017

Cleaning Up The Carbon In Our Skies – WBUR, July 2017

After Trump's Withdrawal from Paris, Nukes Are More Crucial Than Ever – Scientific American, June 2017

Legendary Climate Scientist Likes a GOP Proposal on Global Warming – Scientific American , April 2017

James Hansen: What Makes A Scientist Take A Stand? – NPR , April 2017

Climate change is certainly causing more powerful storms – Salon, March 2017

UI alumnus and climate scientist James Hansen honored by BBVA Foundation, Iowa Now, January 2017

Norway faces climate lawsuit over Arctic oil exploration plans, The Guardian – October 2016

Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming (Interview), Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! – December 2015

That’s heavy: Climate-change warnings include rising seas and wild weather shifts. But giant flying boulders?, by Chris Mooney of the Washington Post – November 2015

World’s Largest Petroleum Companies Call Youth’s Landmark Climate Lawsuit “a Direct Threat to [Their] Businesses”; Our Children’s Trust – November 2015

Bridging the Geezer-Young Person Gap to Drive Climate Change Solutions; by Ellen Moyer Ph.D., Huffington Post – August 2015

Hillary Clinton’s climate change plan ‘just plain silly’, says leading expert; The Guardian – July 2015

Dr. James Hansen gives his idea to curb climate change on Fareed Zakaria GPS; CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS – July 2015

James Hansen: Carbon Fee and Dividend Needed; Democrat & Chronicle – April 2015

Victory over climate change; Rochester City Newspaper – April 2015

Climate pioneer James Hansen reflects on working with Van Allen;  Iowa Now – October 2014

Hansen on climate change: Tax is practical step to take;   Des Moines Register- October 2014

Distinguished Alum speaks on energy;  The Daily Iowan – October 2014

Antarctic Melt And Calls For Action; On Point with Tom Ashbrook- May 2014

Youths Sue U.S. Government Over Climate Inaction; Aljazeera America- May 2014

Hansen’s Climate Science and Advocacy Project Under Way; Science Magazine-February 2014

What We Owe Our Kids On Climate; CNN – December 2013

James Hansen to Lead New Program on Climate Science and Policy; Earth Institute – September 2013